2 Types of Padel Lob

2 Types of Padel Lob

This video teaches 2 types of lob and when you should use each lob. The lob is one of the most important shots in the game and the higher the level, the more the lob dictates the result. The WPT players can hit an accurate lob from almost any position on the court.

The 2 types of Lob are:

– High Lob – this is a good defensive lob and if it is deep it can be difficult for the opponents to smash aggressively.

– Fast Lob – this is a good attacking lob, used when the opponent is closer to the net and there is space behind them to hit into.

Sandy Farquharson

Sandy focused his attention from tennis to padel in 2010, learning the game with several trips and courses in Spain. His education in Sports Biomechanics, combined with playing and coaching at an international level (both in tennis and now padel) puts him in a great position to share his insights in the sport, hopefully helping others learn in the process.

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