Don’t be a BALL-WATCHER!

Don’t be a BALL-WATCHER!

The MOST COMMON ERROR across all the shots is almost certainly late preparation or not getting into position quickly enough. At most levels, this is usually down to “Ball-Watching”! When recreational players watch professionals they are amazed by their speed and anticipation to get to the ball so quickly. This is because at the highest level players can read the visual cues so accurately that they know where the shot is most likely to go.

The 3 areas to focus on:

1. Moving early for your shot, as soon as you opponent hits the ball, you should start preparing and getting in position.

2. Focus on your opponent’s movement, trying to anticipate what type of shot they will hit, as opposed to focusing on the ball.

3. Tell your partner where your opponents are. This can only happen if you are watching your opponents (not the ball) while your partner prepares for their shot.

This might seem an obvious area to improve, but even the professionals make this mistake sometimes, so it is worth thinking about the next time you are on court.

Sandy Farquharson

Sandy focused his attention from tennis to padel in 2010, learning the game with several trips and courses in Spain. His education in Sports Biomechanics, combined with playing and coaching at an international level (both in tennis and now padel) puts him in a great position to share his insights in the sport, hopefully helping others learn in the process.

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