Learn to Hit Flat!

Learn to Hit Flat!

Players often hit with slice when they start in padel, but in this video we explain why we recommend learning to hit flat from the start! It is valuable to be able to slice, but the higher the level, the more players use flat technique for the majority of their shots.

The 3 reasons are:

1. Less Risk

2. More Effective

3. Disguise

The technique is usually simpler, so often players just need to practice directing the shot and they should be able to quickly integrate it into their game.

Sandy Farquharson

Sandy focused his attention from tennis to padel in 2010, learning the game with several trips and courses in Spain. His education in Sports Biomechanics, combined with playing and coaching at an international level (both in tennis and now padel) puts him in a great position to share his insights in the sport, hopefully helping others learn in the process.

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