Podcast #6 – Interview with Manu Martin – Mejora Tu Padel

Podcast #6 – Interview with Manu Martin – Mejora Tu Padel

This is a great episode for literally any padel player or coach. Manu is one of the best WPT coaches, currently coaching the top female pair (Ari Sanchez & Ale Salazar), and has a library of padel tutorial videos in Spanish on his YouTube Channel (@mejoratupadel).

In this interview we talk about how Manu got involved in padel and then coaching on the WPT. We discuss how to use strengths, weaknesses and what separates the players at the top level. Manu also tells us how his channel started and the hard work that goes into that! 

We finish the episode with advice for competition players, as well as some suggestions for coaches to make sure they keep up to date.

This is a longer episode, but there was so much useful information it would’ve been a disservice to you if I cut any of it out!

Sandy Farquharson

Sandy focused his attention from tennis to padel in 2010, learning the game with several trips and courses in Spain. His education in Sports Biomechanics, combined with playing and coaching at an international level (both in tennis and now padel) puts him in a great position to share his insights in the sport, hopefully helping others learn in the process.

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