Which Padel Racket to Choose?

Which Padel Racket to Choose?

This commonly asked question about what to look for when buying a padel racket is difficult for advanced players, let alone people new to padel. This “guide to buying a padel racket” should help you make an informed decision.

There are 3 different shapes for the rackets: Diamond, Tear-Drop & Round, each of these change the balance slightly of the racket. But with the variety of materials used, the only real way to find the racket for you is to test them. That might mean borrowing them or requesting a demo racket from the shops.

Sandy Farquharson

Sandy focused his attention from tennis to padel in 2010, learning the game with several trips and courses in Spain. His education in Sports Biomechanics, combined with playing and coaching at an international level (both in tennis and now padel) puts him in a great position to share his insights in the sport, hopefully helping others learn in the process.

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